Major Industries: Cognitive Science, Mental Implants, Psychosurgery, Nootropics

Major Stations: Thought (Venus orbit), Phobos (Mars moon)


A pioneer in the field of cognitive science and key member of the Planetary Consortium, Cognite (pronounced cog-neet) drives forward the cutting edge of research into understanding the transhuman mind. Well known for their mental augmentations and the original menton morph design, Cognite also specializes in psychosurgery and nootropics.

Known Members

Kassi Yamafuku(Mars): Head of Yamafuku clan owns major chunks of Cognite and other hHpercrops she is an important person on the planetary consortium.

Eiji Yamafuku(Mars): current head of Cognite, second son of Kassi. He has many children and viewed as the perfect impersonal business man. Many of his children are ambitious within Cognite.

Callosum(Venus): Firewall Agent inside of Cognite and stationed on Venus. He is currently unavaiable and his location within Cognite is secret.

Xing Jiang(Venus): Previous head of Public Relations on Venus. Missing

AWE Cognite Branch: Loyal to Cognite

AUGUSTINE: Seed AGI held by Cognite

Progeny Intel

  • Involved in the scandal with the projects to raise accelerated growth children that became known as the Lost generation (p. 233)
  • There are rumors that they engage in research involving TITAN-influenced incapacitating input attacks.
  • Secretly Developed the minor Seed AGI AWE based on the pre fall Seed AI AUSTIN.


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