Eclipse Progeny

Mission 1

Investigate Legba

New Mission

Explore Legba

Week of Investigation

  • After meeting with Pyrrho the cell receives a message from Leto who claims to be the vector for Progeny. He says he will be on Legba researching information about AWE. He is remoting into a small servbot that can connect to him and deliver messages.
  • Lucas Lind was a guard for Omri Melech and discovered that he defected from ID Crew and is trying to sell something to Content Not Found: lam. After watching the exchange take place between the two he was taken into custody by Nine Lives enforcers under suspicion of being a Firewall Agent.
  • Aname helped Lucas Lind and then was also taken in for being a Firewall Agent. 
  • Charlotte Silva joined Rokuzawa Chi and the Hougan Psychosurgeons and learned that Roland Nazon had merged himself to be a total of 23 forked minds which had drivin him to insanity.  He has a puppet sock and is being controlled by Ellegua his second in command who is a fork of Roland Nazon. Ellegua came to her questioning if she was a Firewall Agent and she convinced everyone that she was just a normal psychosurgeon.
  • David Feng worked with Leto looking into Nana Buluku, where AWE was being kept and learned the security measures for the entrance. He tailed Ellegua and found him speaking with Su Wu, the head of the Ghede. He then tortured a person  and revealed he and his team were Firewall agents to prove he was worthy he convinced Ellegua to allow him to speak with AWE. He learned that AWE is an imperfect AGI that does not understand a sense of self that was created by Cognite to gain control over AUGUSTINE a seed AGI. He gained large amounts of data on how AWE operates.  afterwards he was held in a cell waiting for the debate.


Aname: 6
Charlotte Silva: 8
Lucas Lind: 6
David Feng: 8



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