Eclipse Progeny

Mission 2

Nine Lives Coup

The Nanchon Debate

  • Madame Melania Clairesse Kazerahk was sent by another server to act as backup incase something went wrong. She was stationed in the Fetishmarkets to hear the debate. David Feng came to the debate with the Ghede being given permission to speak about a use for AWE. Charlotte Silva was stuck in peristyle guarded and unable to leave, she watched the debate on security cameras. Lucas Lind] and Aname were in holding cells during the debate.
  • Theo of Petro claimed that the best use for AWE would be to sell it to a rival of Cognite this would bring alot of money and damage Cognite. AWE is to dangerous to use without more knowledge of its capabilities
  • Content Not Found: lam of Rhada wanted to use AWE to infiltrate Cognite and take control of it from within using a stolen ego of an executive she bought from Omri Melech. She would establish Cognite as a front business for Nine Lives and make everyone who worked there a Devoted of cognite.
  • Su Wu wanted to do similar but instead of secretly infiltrate Cognite using technology, he wants to take over Cognite by force.
  • David Feng wanted to sell information about AWE and sell devotees made by awe.
  • Roland Nazon hearing all of this chose Content Not Found: lam's idea but disliked how she worked with ID Crew. He claims that she stole his idea and used the oppourtunity to attack with devoted and the Ghede. 
  • Content Not Found: lam fought back declaring herself leader and worked with the Rhada and Petro to fight back in an all out brawl. The team used this chance to escape the madness and run towards Nana Buluku to try and take out AWE
  • Charlotte Silva hacked into the guards brain editing his memories and hacked into Roland Nazon and started running his body to Nana Buluku with Ellegua and the Ghede Chasing her.
  • David Feng and Madame Melania Clairesse Kazerahk found Content Not Found: lam and her underlings guarding the entrance to Nana Buluku and agreed to join her and help her take control of Nine Lives.
  • Ellegua and Charlotte Silva arrived and Nana Buluku and a large firefight broke out killing Roland Nazon's body. Madame Melania Clairesse Kazerahk killed Ellegua. This secured Content Not Found: lam's victory and she offered positions in Petro to the team. She will not allow them to leave Legba unless it is to help her take over Cognite
  • the team joins Nine Lives and leaves the following day to be apart of the team based on Octavia, Venus.

Clean up with Firewall

  • After team arrives on Extropia, Pyrrho contacts the cell and informs the team that they have upset many proxies in Firewall over revealing thier Identity. He is given all the information on AWE and tells the team to continue with the mission to infiltrate Content Not Found: Cognite with more information to follow.
  • Nima Introduces herself claiming to be the filter for Progeny. she says she will try and clear their names.
  • The team receives a series of passive aggressive emails from various factions inside of Firewall. the conservatives are upset that cover was blown. the pragmatists say it was worth the information learned. the structuralism suggest more organization to combat the issue, the mavericks want everyone to shut up and the backups say that the teams actions have been informative and the will record this for a future debate. 

Week of Investigation



XP Awards

Aname: 4
Charlotte Silva: 8
David Feng: 8
Lucas Lind 4
Madame Melania Clairesse Kazerahk 8



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