Roland Nazon

Leader of Nine Lives


The undisputed head of Nine Lives, Roland Nazon, considers himself a bokor, a voodoo priest. He is reputed to have “distilled’ the essence of the loa—voodoo spirits—from the massive amounts of egos under his control. These loa allegedly possess Nazon and other Nine Lives members at his command. I’ve consulted with some people in the know about this, and it’s widely assumed that this spirit possession religious nonsense is just some sort of ego transfer or puppet socketry at work. It’s possible, however, that the Nine Lives crew has been dabbling with some experimental ego-merging or multi-ego tech, which could be problematic. What’s even more concerning, however, is what if this is symptomatic of some other, more dangerous consciousness, pulling the gang’s strings from behind the scenes?


Roland Nazon

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