Eclipse Progeny

Mission 5
Hunting Down AWE and AUGESTINE

Welcome Party

  • Melania attends the party welcoming Egonomix into the Morningstar Constelation and meets wtih the mayor and Xian Jiang
  • The mayor offers her a deal to work with him doing a promotion
  • Xian lets it slip he has been relocated to a secret position where he has to travel alot. Curious Melania sets up a meeting with Xian
  • At the meeting she accidentally mentions that she was on Cloud 9 when Cognite took over this concerns Xian. David manages to smooth things over for now. They learn that Xian is traveling back and forth to Cloud 9. After the meeting they get help from Nima to help solidify their cover story.

Dead End

  • After learning that Awe and Augustine were not on Thought the team had to try and find another lead as to their location
  • Charlotte had the idea of asking for the logs of everyone the Atredes branch of AWE had ever performed Psycho Surgery on. Leto was able to procure a list
  • The data showed that Awe had performed psycho surgery at different levels on Augestine and then started to work on people at Cognite. After a while  the AGI branched out and performed surgery on Egos that Cognite had acquired from Nine Lives. Thre is a gap in time when Awe was copied by Nine Lives then a large increase in the amount of Egos AWE performed Surgery on
  • Charlotte cross referenced this information with the Data Simplicity Aquired about shipments to and from thought and found no Correlations. disproving the theory that AWE mgiht have been moved.
  • They asked their firewall contact on Legba, Amaru Timoti if he knew any details about how Awe got to Legba. He tells them that he was there when Lam Cong Dong egocasted from Venus with AWE and gives them a date it happend.
  • The team goes to speak with Kahsu Tegene on Octavia about the Egocasting of Awe. He tells them that he was there when it happened and they were working with a man named Shihaab al Sala from Cognite on the Solar habitat Aten. They were selling him Egos.
  • University Tour

  • Charlotte uses her college network to find a college buddy that knows some one who is curretnly going to the University on Aten to speak with her. She is put in contact with a Aiko Yamafuku who is studying Solal Specialized AGI.
  • She meets with Aiko and working with Aname manages to secure a meeting with one of the professors on Aten and a personal tour under the guise of being interested in a graduate degree there studying morphs designed to withstand the solar corona. He would be bringing funding to the habitate in exchange for the ability to research there.
  • The team is asked to provide a list of individuals that will be egocasting in to receive the tour and are informed they will be placed into stock splicer morphs.

XP Rewards

David Feng – 6
Charlotte – 6
Melania – 8
Aname – 8

Mission 4
Dealing with AGI

New Orders from Progney 

  • Pyrrrho lets the team know that while things are going ok with firewall  there is still aot of ground to cover in terms of firewalla accepting them
  • he introduces Voight Kampff as their new Router who is more specialized in getting resources twhich wil lbe more useful thne pyrrhos skillset of being good at working with crime rings 
  • Felicia joins the team to provide asistance and audit the team and learn about them. 
  • the team is told their new goal is to gather resources intel and plans to go to thought and take out the AI AWE and  make contact with the AI Augestine. 

The Atra Network 

  • Team goes back to cloud 9 to meet with leto and nima at egonomix. Awe is causing some kind of mindbleed on the two and its concerning 
  • Team meets Andre the person that runs the Atra server and discover that AWE was added to the server leto and Nima run on and they are using a parallel processor to cnnect thier minds. This is so they can connect to AWE becond conversatin which does not go well with AWE
  • Aname convinces AWE that the team is cognite and that cognite needs AWE To stand by and work with leto and nima and try nto to escape. 
  • The team learns that Leto and Nima are fugitives of Cognite that were originally housed on Thought. They are mad at cognite and get upset when its brought up. 
  • Team goes to speak with Lev the head of the night cartel on egonomix but while they are the auerostat is attacked by IPR from cognite. they were told to stay put while copies of a person storm the aerostat
  • the group runs back to ergonomics and helps andre get the data and leto nima and awe off the servers and try to run to the service bay. They make it to the service bay as other shisp are coming in to attack. 
  • poor piloting results in the ship they are on crashing into one of the ships coming in and the teams ship is damage and starts doing a controlled fall towards the venus surface. they get in contact with simplicity and voight to get a ship to pick them up 

Get back to Octavia 

  • the ship is met  by another ship that brings them on board and takes them to aphrodite proime which is 8 hours away from octavia. 
  • Melania helps them get free tickets on a overnight travel cruise to octavia 
  • they meet with ninelives tkahsu and he tells them he needs a ego that can help save ninelives dire situation anyone that is important they can work with. they have omri melech to work with to help kidniap egos. 
  • they send felicia and leto to Thought to gain intel and get a map of the place there they learn that AWE and Augestine are not even on Thought and they dont know where 
Mission 3
Playing All Sides

Everyones Goals 

  • Nine lives wants the team to assist with the internal takeover of cognite and make the people in power Nine Lives members The team is to connect with Kahsu Tegene the leader of the Venus Rhada on Ninelives 
  • Pyrrho of Progeny tells the team their mission is to pretend they are helping Nine Lives but instead stop the take over from being sucessful
  • The team meets with Xian Jiang who is the head of the Venus department of Cognite and sell him information  about the nine lives plot in exchange to have a person work at the cognite office 
  • Team was taken to cloud 9  a secret areostat owned by night cartel that houses egonomix a secret hypercorp. 
  • egonomics hosts the atra server which holdes nima and leto as well and leto. Egonomix is a venusean version of cognite and hopes to take over cognites market share. they want the team to remove cognite off the planet.. 
  • The team met with nine lives and learn that ninelives wants them to suppress any defenses on octavia during the big takover. the plan is to take control of the office 
  • The team gets a shot at as a message from das ferretchen from firewall who wants the team to think about who they are loyal too. 
  • team meets with Callosum from firewall who also works iwth cognite he provides them information and gets them access to cognite resources. Cognite wants the team to doublecross ninelives and make it so cognite actually takes over ninelives and legba. they provide the team with control of the venus office 
  • the team meets with the rest of the server. pyrrho wants the team to make both sides think they are doing ther best but thwart both attempts at take over. 
  • the team meets with felicia who would like to meet with them next week in person and watch their team for a bit. 

Enacting the plan 

  • Team takes control of the office for the day. 
  • Leto goes with ninelives to thought and attempts to take control of thier system but is unable to because the accunt they were using is protected because they sold the information to cognite 
  • warned with the infomraiton that cognite is going to attack leto stops cognite from turning the tables on him. 
  • leto swipes a copy of awe from nine lives during the process. 
  • The team sends out a social campaign against ninelives ruining their public reputation making it so cgnite does not want to go for ninelives 

XP Awards

Aname: 6
Charlotte Silva: 6
David Feng: 2
Lucas Lind 6
Madame Melania Clairesse Kazerahk 6

Mission 2
Nine Lives Coup

The Nanchon Debate

  • Madame Melania Clairesse Kazerahk was sent by another server to act as backup incase something went wrong. She was stationed in the Fetishmarkets to hear the debate. David Feng came to the debate with the Ghede being given permission to speak about a use for AWE. Charlotte Silva was stuck in peristyle guarded and unable to leave, she watched the debate on security cameras. Lucas Lind] and Aname were in holding cells during the debate.
  • Theo of Petro claimed that the best use for AWE would be to sell it to a rival of Cognite this would bring alot of money and damage Cognite. AWE is to dangerous to use without more knowledge of its capabilities
  • Content Not Found: lam of Rhada wanted to use AWE to infiltrate Cognite and take control of it from within using a stolen ego of an executive she bought from Omri Melech. She would establish Cognite as a front business for Nine Lives and make everyone who worked there a Devoted of cognite.
  • Su Wu wanted to do similar but instead of secretly infiltrate Cognite using technology, he wants to take over Cognite by force.
  • David Feng wanted to sell information about AWE and sell devotees made by awe.
  • Roland Nazon hearing all of this chose Content Not Found: lam's idea but disliked how she worked with ID Crew. He claims that she stole his idea and used the oppourtunity to attack with devoted and the Ghede. 
  • Content Not Found: lam fought back declaring herself leader and worked with the Rhada and Petro to fight back in an all out brawl. The team used this chance to escape the madness and run towards Nana Buluku to try and take out AWE
  • Charlotte Silva hacked into the guards brain editing his memories and hacked into Roland Nazon and started running his body to Nana Buluku with Ellegua and the Ghede Chasing her.
  • David Feng and Madame Melania Clairesse Kazerahk found Content Not Found: lam and her underlings guarding the entrance to Nana Buluku and agreed to join her and help her take control of Nine Lives.
  • Ellegua and Charlotte Silva arrived and Nana Buluku and a large firefight broke out killing Roland Nazon's body. Madame Melania Clairesse Kazerahk killed Ellegua. This secured Content Not Found: lam's victory and she offered positions in Petro to the team. She will not allow them to leave Legba unless it is to help her take over Cognite
  • the team joins Nine Lives and leaves the following day to be apart of the team based on Octavia, Venus.

Clean up with Firewall

  • After team arrives on Extropia, Pyrrho contacts the cell and informs the team that they have upset many proxies in Firewall over revealing thier Identity. He is given all the information on AWE and tells the team to continue with the mission to infiltrate Content Not Found: Cognite with more information to follow.
  • Nima Introduces herself claiming to be the filter for Progeny. she says she will try and clear their names.
  • The team receives a series of passive aggressive emails from various factions inside of Firewall. the conservatives are upset that cover was blown. the pragmatists say it was worth the information learned. the structuralism suggest more organization to combat the issue, the mavericks want everyone to shut up and the backups say that the teams actions have been informative and the will record this for a future debate. 

Week of Investigation



XP Awards

Aname: 4
Charlotte Silva: 8
David Feng: 8
Lucas Lind 4
Madame Melania Clairesse Kazerahk 8

Mission 1
Investigate Legba

New Mission

Explore Legba

Week of Investigation

  • After meeting with Pyrrho the cell receives a message from Leto who claims to be the vector for Progeny. He says he will be on Legba researching information about AWE. He is remoting into a small servbot that can connect to him and deliver messages.
  • Lucas Lind was a guard for Omri Melech and discovered that he defected from ID Crew and is trying to sell something to Content Not Found: lam. After watching the exchange take place between the two he was taken into custody by Nine Lives enforcers under suspicion of being a Firewall Agent.
  • Aname helped Lucas Lind and then was also taken in for being a Firewall Agent. 
  • Charlotte Silva joined Rokuzawa Chi and the Hougan Psychosurgeons and learned that Roland Nazon had merged himself to be a total of 23 forked minds which had drivin him to insanity.  He has a puppet sock and is being controlled by Ellegua his second in command who is a fork of Roland Nazon. Ellegua came to her questioning if she was a Firewall Agent and she convinced everyone that she was just a normal psychosurgeon.
  • David Feng worked with Leto looking into Nana Buluku, where AWE was being kept and learned the security measures for the entrance. He tailed Ellegua and found him speaking with Su Wu, the head of the Ghede. He then tortured a person  and revealed he and his team were Firewall agents to prove he was worthy he convinced Ellegua to allow him to speak with AWE. He learned that AWE is an imperfect AGI that does not understand a sense of self that was created by Cognite to gain control over AUGUSTINE a seed AGI. He gained large amounts of data on how AWE operates.  afterwards he was held in a cell waiting for the debate.


Aname: 6
Charlotte Silva: 8
Lucas Lind: 6
David Feng: 8


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